Application Engineering

Project developmentDaniel Mahrenholz, Georg Lukas, Svilen Ivanov
Project directorProf. Dr. Edgar Nett
Project typeDrittmittelprojekt
Project term01.07.2005 - 31.12.2006

The Henkel data network connects about 500 international sites and provides the backbone for several business-critical applications like SAP or Lotus Notes. It is increasingly used to run web-based applications to opitimize internal business processes. Due to the importance of the network and the high costs related to its operation it is essential to predict and evaluate the implications of any modification to avoid problems and additional costs. To do such a prediction, a combination of application measurement, simulation, and emulation is used. In cooperation with the company , the aim of this project is to develop a process to map the current network state as well as the behavior of all applications to a simulation model. This model will then be used to study the implications of of any changes, e.g. the roll-out of a new application that has been measured before. The results of this simulation will then be used to make administrative or business descisions.